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1ROAR-CARE 🌱...beautiful people, I am pleased to introduce to you my vegan friendly revolutionary skin care range, all with 100% fruit & vegetable extracts & oil base. I extend this olive branch to you for healing & wellbeing all because at the highest, 1ROAR-cares.

... 'we are what we eat, we are what we drink, we are what we think and definitely are what we do. In some cases through medication skin is under stress, but with 1ROAR-CARE restoration here.
Most of the time appearance is neither comfortable or appealing to the individual but today learning to live with damaged or ageing skin is now an option.

I have designed my skin care range not only to rejuvenate revitalise restore & to replenish, but also to 'reverse' the process of ageing which time has processed with immediate results, & as minutes and hours pass by the treatment is stil in full effect, with under surface still being nourished.

As I work on my clients the transformation is apparent with stunning results at the end of session, change in appearance will continue until skin stops absorbing, naturally giving structure the amount of nourishing needed.

The treatment targets Wrinkles, age spots, thin skin & spider veins, you will also be in benefit of eye-brow lift, forehead stretch, neck & jaw lift with plumped skin & lips. Treatments for full body is available also, extending the natural cream range for beautiful beach bodies.

The change starts with Nature.


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